The long-term success of your business depends on your ability to manage customer, partner and employee relationships. At INgage Networks,

we make it easier for large organizations to strengthen those relationships. We do this by offering our customers strategy consulting, a deep understanding of what motivates people to participate on behalf of the company, and an enterprise software platform that creates a tailor-made online experience. The result is a Network Experience Solution that helps you achieve more by leveraging an existing asset: the people who are core to your business.

We're a company built on big ideas and the ability to envision the possibilities.

Our story is one that has taken us from small, government-based projects to supporting the largest online business network for one of the world's leading financial institutions - transforming complete industries along the way.

Read about our journey and learn what makes us truly unique.

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Customer Commitment

We are dedicated to our customers, approaching every opportunity with an unwavering commitment and marked determination towards achieving their goals.


Over a decade of experience in this industry brings credibility, stability and a keen understanding of the marketplace, positioning us for sustainable growth and leadership.


We have repeatedly demonstrated tangible value by solving real business problems for some of the world's largest brands.


Service is at the core of everything we do. Our knowledge, expertise and guidance are always available to our customers, and to those shaping the future of the industry.


We are longtime pioneers of the industry, leading by example, sharing our knowledge, inspiring others, and continually striving to advance the industry.

Sense of Urgency

We are prompt and proactive when addressing opportunities and challenges for both our customers and ourselves.

To help customers realize the full potential of leveraging their company's greatest asset: its people. INgage Networks provides this through innovative strategy and online software that maximizes participation on behalf of the company, and leads to measurable business value.

Beyond the buzz and hype of social media

and all things related to how we are now accustomed to interacting online – we have been helping large companies get more value from the people core to their business since 1999.

We believe organizations aren't fully served by tapping into popular social networking sites or creating corporate online communities because the business results are generally intangible.

Likewise, when the focus is solely on the technology and not on what gets people to participate – "What do they want out of the experience?" – these types of online communities tend to fail.

Our experience serving customers from government agencies to global brands has taught us that what you need is a solid strategy and an understanding of what motivates people to participate, and a software platform that's open and allows you to create a tailor-made experience.

This is what makes INgage Networks a unique solutions-focused company.

Watch the video to hear from our senior management and learn more about what makes us different.