We help your enterprise realize the powerful possibilities of social software. We do so by combining the key Network Experience Solution™ components to tailor solutions to your unique enterprise problems.

The key components of a successful Network Experience Solution™ include:

We have been helping companies optimize the value of their people networks for over a decade. Our service offerings leverage this experience to minimize risk and ensure success. To learn more, click here.

Our component-based technology addresses the reality that every network is unique, and empowers the enterprise to tailor the Network Experience Solution™ to meet its needs. To learn more, click here.

INgage Networks diligently covers the basics of social software application features, and through its agile development method has the dynamism to readily provide more. To learn more, click here.

For an overview of how INgage Networks combines the above components to deliver a Network Experience Solution™
Download the brochure here.

Examples of network problems we solve include:

  • Driving eCommerce and product sales by turning your customers into a powerful sales force.
    Download Adidas story.
  • Grow membership and services revenue by winning the loyalty and business of your customers.
    Download Kodak story.
  • Drive innovation by transforming member-generated ideas into game-changing strategies.
    Download Imagine NY story.
  • Capture valuable public feedback through outreach to your audience and gain insight.
    Download GMA story.