Find out how the National Park Service completed planning for this Memorial in record time - gaining wide-scale public input without compromising the privacy of its work team.

Tailor your own Network Experience Solution with our component-based platform.

INgage's new platform offers our enterprise customers complete flexibility to build new apps through our open APIs and integrate
with virtually any enterprise system.

Our highly flexible, component-based product architecture addresses the reality that every network is unique. We empower the enterprise to tailor the Network Experience Solution to meet its specific needs.

Whether your business has one highly complex network or many widely dispersed business relationships, our secure enterprise platform provides a common framework for extracting more value from the people networks that are core to your business.

The convenience of the cloud without compromising security

  • Multi-tenant cloud-based deployment
  • Patented sharing between internal and external networks
  • Public or private cloud options
  • A seamless experience when your networks are on-the-go

    We ensure maximum network participation by making the network accessible and convenient for members, with a seamless experience via desktop, tablet or smart phone.

    No limits, no constraints

    Our open API architecture enables enterprises and partners to:

  • Integrate with most any enterprise systems
  • Build new apps or features on top of our core platform
  • Create the network experience that will deliver measurable business value for your organization
  • Complex relationships require tailored solutions

    Our component approach provides the ability to create a solution that is perfectly aligned with your business goals. It also facilitates the ability to rapidly respond and evolve the solution as changes dictate.