And helping the economies of the states they live in.

Government (federal, state and local) offers a broad array of benefits intended for military veterans and their families. States can play a vital role in guiding veterans to these benefits. INgage Networks would like to help states improve their ability to maximize the benefits provided to veterans — and we have the resources and experience to do it.

Veterans Benefits Portal

that provides a centralized online source for veterans' benefits that gives veterans, their families, and other key constituents access to information, tools and resources in order to increase benefits utilization. Conceptually, this portal can be thought of as an " for Veterans Benefits" that delivers:

  • Convenience: a single stop that simplifies complexity and eliminates confusion about benefits and their availability.
  • Aggregation of federal, state, local and private benefits and opportunities without infringing upon any current office/division in its current scope of operation.
  • Information: a virtual marketplace/store that educates constituents about the full range of available benefits, eligibility requirements, and processes for applications.
  • Connectivity: opens clear and simple pathways to real world resources (for example: VSOs, VA hospitals, State agency personnel, telephone call centers) and application forms

The 2011 national average benefits expenditure was $5,500 per veteran per year.  The goal of Michigan’s veterans' portal is to increase per capita benefits for veterans to at least the national average, which would result in an additional $1 billion of benefits flowing into the state each year. Based on the state’s expenditure for the portal technology, this would result in a return on investment of over 130 to 1.

If you are also interested in helping deserving veterans in your state, please contact for more information.