Learn how this powerful business network enables a leading financial institution to reduce chum, improve loyalty and increase revenue.

When it comes to the spectrum of basic social software application features, INgage Networks certainly covers such areas as profiles, blogs, and forums commonly found with other vendors. Diving a bit deeper, here are some highlights of other social features that INgage offers.

  • Robust capabilities provided for connecting with members through dynamic profiles (create, read, and update), relationships (e.g., follow, un-follow, list followers, friend and un-friend), and member groups;
  • Rating to enable and support cooperative behavior in a network where members can evaluate content for the purpose of synthesizing and analyzing group or network opinion by event, comment, file, blog and blog post;
  • 100% complete search functionality that includes retrieving by blogs, blog posts, events, comments, files, and tasks according to relevance while intelligently handling updated entities (e.g., tags and users). Result sets can be sorted and filtered, and multi-term searches are enabled; Comprehensive "Get" features that enable a user to retrieve groups and files by name, blogs and blog posts by author, comments by author, and events by location;
  • Tagging capabilities to ease data retrieval such as allowing associating one or more tags to containers or content, read all tags, and read tags associated to an entity;
  • Enabled anonymous user profiles and self-created user accounts; increased file storage capabilities for customers and individual users; enhanced security capabilities;
  • Also, analytics and predictive analysis are an extremely important part of the INgage Enterprise Platform (IEP). Through strategic partnerships the IEP is able to report on data in a traditional report style interface as well as offer up the ability to predict a user's behavior to help direct them to a purchase. Trend analysis can be done over a period of time, or even real time, helping the user to a more meaningful experience.

INgage Network's value goes beyond providing some of these basic social features just listed and the idea of improving communications and collaboration in a group or community. INgage is further focused on driving meaningful engagement in the networks of people that drive the business. INgage amplifies the success of network experiences by coupling varying levels of social relationships and interactions with a deep rooted understanding of how people fundamentally engage and interact in network experiences.

This is where the social value chain loop is closed because implementation success is accomplished by both leveraging the consulting and partnering strategy with the open-architected technology capabilities and strategy to extract value from core business functions. In this way, INgage has positioned itself over the past decade to solve core problems such as driving ecommerce and product sales, grow membership and service revenue, drive innovation, and capture public feedback.