Hypatia Research

INgage Networks Ranks #1 Hypatia Research's evaluation of 20 social software vendors

In its Benchmarking Social Community Platform Investments & ROI: Best Practices & Vendor Evaluation Guide (2011), Hypatia Research provides organizations with independent, unbiased evaluations of nearly two dozen social software vendors. This comprehensive report provides organizations with the assessments and data needed to evaluate various social technologies.

Top vendors had:

  • Most complete platforms by offering all four categories of functionality.

  • A roadmap with frequent new product or feature releases and a vision of what organizations will want to do with social media in the future.

  • Services are an important component of a top social media platform provider, and translates into several types of services, not just tech support or implementation but strategic planning.

  • ZDNet - Social CRM: The Conversation

    The CRM Watchlist Part IV: The Social Mainstream

    For the third year in a row, Social CRM expert & best-selling author Paul Greenberg includes INgage Networks among winners of The CRM Watchlist, as published on ZDNet.

    Those on the list are companies that Greenberg thinks buyers and influencers and others should watch in 2011 because they impact or will impact the CRM and SCRM landscape and also provide value to businesses in need of a CRM related product.

    From a list of 130 companies narrowed down to roughly 30 winners, INgage Networks was one of seven companies in "The Social Mainstream" category.

    "I've seen the evolution of their product, a social networking platform, the past three years to something that is truly a strong application that I think is best used as a white label platform for businesses in diverse industries."

    MWD Advisors

    On the Radar: INgage Networks

    Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst at MWD Advisors, provides a thorough assessment of our company and products and services in this On the Radar: INgage Networks report.

    She points out, "... the company has a mature and experienced services capability, enabling it to deploy systems based not only on progressive technology, but also coupled with a long-term knowledge and experience of best practices."


    Online Customer Communities

    Gleanster features INgage Networks in a Gleansight Benchmark Report, Online Customer Communities, covering how top performers use online customer communities to:

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Mobilize customer advocacy

  • Improve market research capabilities

  • IDC

    INgage Networks Private Vendor Watchlist Profile: Elevating Social Platforms in Government and Enterprises

    The IDC Vendor Profile analyzes INgage Networks, a company playing in the social platforms market, and reviews key success factors: market potential, technology/solution, corporate strategy, force multipliers, and customers.

    IDC believes INgage Networks is a company to watch because:

  • The company envisioned how civic involvement could be strengthened using the Web before the formal creation of a social platforms market

  • The company has had several high-profile projects, including the Golden Gate Park redesign initiative (1999), initiatives pertaining to the World Trade Center site and lower Manhattan (2002-2003), and the Flight 93 National Memorial design competition (2002).

  • In addition to continued growth in the public sector, the company plans to focus more of its offerings supporting customer networks - enabling enterprises to drive revenue through social commerce.

  • IDC

    Innovative Software Companies Under $100 Million to Watch, 2010

    IDC recognizes INgage Networks - one of only 10 companies - for its innovative approach to social business solutions, in the study Innovative Software Companies Under $100 Million to Watch, 2010.

    "Contributing to much-needed innovation in enterprise software is a group of small companies with the vision and technology to help businesses deal more effectively with the new business environment."

    - Michael Fauscette, GVP of Software Business Solutions, IDC

    Evoke CRM Partners

    Allen Bonde

    "INgage has a holistic, practical approach to social business that has its roots in real community outreach and engagement. I think this perspective and experience has produced solutions that are particularly enterprise-friendly - and friendly to end-users."

    - Allen Bonde, Managing Director, Evoke CRM Partners

    In this B2B Social Marketing Study, INgage Networks lands solidly in the "Early Movers & Mavens" category:

    "INgage may be less well known than Lithium or Awareness but is clearly serious about social marketing."